Neo-dada and Pop art could never decide whether they were criticising or celebrating the world they depicted. Discuss this statement with close reference to no more than four artworks.

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Assessment criteria:
• Clear understanding of the question and what it is asking you to consider in your answer
• research skills and application ( you are likely to start with set readings, but you are expected
to research your topic further)
• demonstrate a critical and thoughtful approach to the analysis of artworks
• an ability to express your ideas in grammatically correct, lucid and fluent written expression
• a coherent well-thought out discussion which clearly states its theme and attempts to
convincingly demonstrate your viewpoint through the use of examples. You must provide an
introduction and conclusion to you discussion
• an ability to position your discussion in the context of theoretical frameworks which are the
subject of this course
• an ability to discuss artworks without depending solely on the analysis of other writers
• an ability to provide evidence in support of your arguments

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