Non-Western art

Send in your topic for Non-Western Paper One. (Topic Due- 6/28) It is time to consider possible topics for you paper. Non-Western art is a way of saying that the art is from a group of people who are not from Europe. China, Africa, the Mideast would be examples. You won’t need to submit a topic for your paper until after the midterm exam, but you may want to think about what you would want to write about and what is available for reference sources. ( You will need 5 reference in the bibliography.)

We have been studying different types of non-western art. You will be needing to write a 750 word paper on the art work of one of the non-Western sources that we have been studying. You may want to start thinking of a non-Western group and then see what type of work they are known for – Tibetan wall paintings for instance.

You may find the work easier on yourself by searching topic areas on the web before you decide on a topic. Try to find a type of artwork that has enough information available that you can write a 2-page paper. (You will need to show 5 references such as websites, books magazines.)

If you can’t find material about the exact same artwork, try to find information about similar artwork by the same group of people, but, be careful not to get too broad a topic. It’s harder to write about.

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