NTC 405 Week 3 Ethernet Switching Modes

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NTC 405 Week 3 Ethernet Switching Modes
Assignment Preparation: Activities include the textbook review, independent student reading, and research.
Review the Advanced Ethernet Switching modes in your Business Data Networks and Telecommunications textbook.
Assignment: Ethernet is a common method of moving packets along a network.
Write a 4- to 7-page paper describing these modes and how they might be used in today’s global network environment.
Include the following in your paper:
Distinguish the basics between channels and circuits.
Explain the concept of Ohm’s law and its importance to circuit troubleshooting.
Compare circuit and packet-switched networks.
Based on your readings, define the network protocols and how they provide safety against communications failure.
Identify which types of businesses would most benefit from this type of technology.
Provide examples of what currently available systems can be enhanced and where additional opportunities exist.
Explain how the current network architecture equipment can be used or must be upgraded to allow for your recommended uses.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
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