OBE:Outcomes-Based Curriculum Model in Australian

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The task:
OBE : outcomes-based education
In Australian school education, an outcomes-based curriculum model is held to be dominant in most states and territories. Consider what you see as the strengths of an outcomes-based model of curriculum design? As its weaknesses? What ideologies underpin the model? How and why did an outcomes-based model become the dominant model?
In 2004 Berlach argued that:
OBE is currently the preferred model via which compulsory education in Australia is being interpreted. It is a train with a full head of steam. Extending the metaphor, I see a massive derailment in the not-too-distant future.
Do you agree, or disagree. If so, why?
How and in what ways, if at all, has what Berlach predicted occurred? Is there a derailment?
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3. Norman McCulla” Now is the time for educational change” which appeared in Professional Educator Vol 8 No 9 (June 2009).see PDF attached
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