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Attached are two articles. This article Structuring Presentations_DB #2.pdf talks about how to structure different types of presentations. The next articleBusiness Plan_DB#2.pdf talks about how to write a one-page Business Plan. Since a business plan is actually presented to potential investors, select what you think is the best way to structure a one-page business plan based on the models provided in “Structuring Presentations.” Provide a clear, well-supported argument as to why this is the best way to structure your business plan. Supporting evidence should come only from either of these two articles. DO NOT provide general advise on how to structure any business plan, so don’t refer to the Internet for this or it simply won’t fit the requirements of this assignment.
As you brainstorm for DB #2, consider the following:
• Each presentation structure is related to both the purpose and audience for that presentation
• Think about your purpose and audience for the one-page business plan
• Select the presentation structure you think best fits purpose and audience for the business plan
• Create a clear argument why you think it is the best fit
There is no right/wrong answer with regard to structure selection. However, you should pay attention to the quality of your argument and the clarity of your writing. If you have questions, e-mail me.

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