Open access to scientific data: towards increasing transparency and accountability of governments

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Please undertake a literature review of the benefits of adopting open data strategies to improve government transparency, particularly in relation to advancing our scientific understanding of contentious issues that could lead to better public policies and debate.
Title: ‘Open access to scientific data: towards increasing transparency and accountability of governments’
Use the following headings:
– Overview of the open data movement
– What is open data? (briefly explain several open data principles from the literature and discuss the importance of open scientific data)
– Why do we need an open government? (include trust, accountability, transparency, democratic participation)
– Relationship between open data and open government
– Importance of scientific data with the public
– Benefits and justifications (emphasis a more informed citizenry and engaging communities in the decision- making processes)
– Barriers, risks and constraints
– Governance and compliance
– Analysis of major open data policies around the world
Important: I’ve provided 14 sources in the zip file attached. It is up to you to source the other 6 and I’d particularly like you to cite reputable books in the literature.

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