Operations Management for Marketing

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1, The major is Operations Management for Marketing. 2, Use Starbucks as the object of study.
Introduction (paragraph about company and what it does) maximum 4-5
1. Transformation Model
Introduce the model – what does Slack say and what does Hill say
Transformation Model – Slack (online) Reference
Transformation Model – Draw it for McDonalds, Starbucks with all the inputs, processes, outputs
Describe the model briefly (paragraph)
2. Order Qualifiers/Order Winners
What does Hill say, what does slack say – use some quotes from the book, make sure you reference properly
Draw table and add both Qualifiers and winner
Qualifiers – type of things that attract people to company
Winners – Things that will make you go back again
3. Difference between products and services/service product bundle
What does Hill say about products, what does Slack say, use quotations, models
Draw any diagrams, discuss what the products/services are, tangible, intangible, explicit, implicit
Draw table for products/services and say whether they are tangible/intangible
Services – Characteristics, service delivery systems used, service category part of delivery system (112, 113, 119) use the tables and apply to your company
Describe where they agree/disagree

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