Organizational Strategies Case Study

Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word case study analysis of “The Power of Rewards at Industry International” located in Ch. 3 of Strategic Organizational Communication in a Global Economy. Do the following questions in your analysis:

1.Create a title for your paper and put it on the first page of text (after the title page.)

2.Introduce the paper by stating the purpose, the key topics and how you plan to present the information.

3.Define “strategic organizational communication”.

4.Describe the organizational structure of the company in the case study have – was it centralized or decentralized? Provide examples of the components of the structure that make it more centralized or decentralized.

5.Describe the method used to motivate workers in the case study. How effective was the rule-reward system for the company and employees? Why?

6.Describe the changes in the rule-reward system that caused resistance? What changes were more acceptable to the employees?

7.Find and use 1 outside reference (and your own insights) to answer the question, “What changes must the company remake to their rule-reward system to achieve the previous levels of productivity and satisfaction of employees?”

8.State your suggestions about the key elements required of a rule-reward system for Industry Internation that would meet both company and employee needs?

9.Write a conclusion to the paper that recaps the purpose of the paper, the key points you made and the value of the information.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Include a title, and an introduction and a conclusion.

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