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Packet of Materials:
The packet should include a detailed outline of the PowerPoint presentation order #81084618. It should also include 5 relevant articles on or about the theory, but each of the 5 articles should be a full page summary on a separate page and at the top of each page should have the complete reference in APA format for that article. Note, one article should be a research article, two articles should be primary articles, two articles should be secondary articles. Lastly, each of the 5 full length summary article pages should also include any handouts: such as charts, diagrams, or definitions, which will facilitate understanding of the PowerPoint presentation and the theory itself. Please follow all specs for I am being graded based on the above specs. Again, Superior Papers completed the power point presentation: order# 81084618, which was part A. And the Packet of Materials or this request is part B. I have included 5 such articles and each need to be a full length summary on a separate page and at the top of each page should have the complete reference in APA format for that article. Below are the following 5 articles unless, you choose something better:
Research Article 1: Bernal, H. (1986), Applied Anthropology: Qualitative Research Methods In Nursing. Madeline M. Leininger. American Anthropologist, 88(4), 960-961.
Primary Article 2: Leininger, M. (2002). Culture Care Theory: A Major Contribution to Advance Trans-cultural Nursing Knowledge And Practices, Journal of Trans-cultural Nursing, Vol. 13 No. 3, 189-192.
Primary Article 3: Andrews, M. M., & Boyle, J. S. (2002). Trans-cultural Concepts In Nursing Care. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 13(3), 178-180.
Secondary Article 4: Leininger, M. (2007). Theoretical Questions and Concerns: Response From The Theory of Culture Care Diversity And Universality Perspective. Nursing Science Quarterly, 20(1), 9-13.
Secondary Article 5: Shapiro, M. L. (2006). Community Transformation Through Culturally Competent nursing Leadership: Application Of Theory Of Culture Care Diversity And Universality And Tri-Dimensional Leader Effectiveness Model. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 17(2), 113-118.
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