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Intelligence Sharing Paper
By the beginning of week 12, please post a paper on intelligence sharing.
You previously prepared two assignments on future collection for a scenario that you chose. For that same scenario, assume that you are the US Director of National Intelligence, and answer these four questions: With what countries, companies, or non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
will you share intelligence? Sharing with private companies, though not done today, may be very appropriate for some scenarios.
What types of intelligence will you share? Don’t provide general topics like COMINT. Give me the targets of the COMINT, and the collection platforms where possible. Be specific, e.g., COMINT about funds laundering by Argentine investors; UAV imagery of the Asian subcontinent.
On what topics will you share? Again, give the broad topics but try to give a few specific examples to illustrate. Identify countries or regions, NGO targets, and subjects for collection. Some hypothetical specific examples are: ballistic missile tests from Israeli test centers; locations of Al-Shaitan recruitment centers; banks in the Caribbean that are laundering narcotics funds.
What do you expect your partner countries/companies/NGOs to provide in return? Use your imagination here; the return can be intelligence that the partner is uniquely positioned to collect, but it does not have to be. If you are stuck for ideas, go back in history for examples of trades that governments have made for information or other favorable treatment.
For each of your answers, provide a brief explanation for your reasoning.
Your paper for should be about three to five pages single-spaced. Again, be concise; longer papers do not fare better (they fare worse if they contain irrelevant material). As with most intelligence writing, shorter is better.

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