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The objective of this assignment is to enable you to critically reflect on your personal learning experience of the Managing Operations module. In particular you are required to recount your level of involvement in, and contribution to the most recent group work exercise, whilst simultaneously applying some concepts learnt during the module.
You are required to produce a two part report (maximum 1500 words):
Part I – maximum of 750 words.
(a) Illustrate by means of a diagrammatic flow chart, your Sustainable Supply Chain (SSC) group’s work process from commencement of research to completion of the assignment (to include both presentation and the report writing aspects).
Please note: You should use, (adopt or adapt) appropriate flow charting symbols and conventions.
You should also describe your flow chart and make up to five operations management related recommendations on how this process could be improved.
(b) A piece of reflective writing which critically discusses your personal learning
Experience for the group assignment with reference to;
• Peer feedback
• Your level of participation in the group work exercise as illustrated by your flow chart
• Two examples of how you contributed to group improvement and progress on the task
• One example of how you have noted, and learned peer feedback and how you intend to action this feedback in your own personal development.
Part II – maximum of 750 words.
A 750 word summary highlighting what you regard as the most relevant (to you) Operations Management concept, or idea, or improvement tool discovered during the module and how you might apply this in your own personal and/or professional development.
Part I and Part II are equally weighted.

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