Personal Philosophy of Nursing Addressing the Metaparadigms of Nursing Essay

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Prepare your personal philosophy of nursing addressing the metaparadigms of nursing
Describe and discuss your philosophy of nursing. Included in this discussion should be your views of the metaparadigms (domains) of nursing.
Explain how this philosophy influences your views of advanced practice nursing.
This is a scholarly paper, be succinct in articulating your philosophy and be careful about grammatical and typographical errors
My personal philosophy is highly committed to serving as a educator in the underserved and high risk population to prevent illnesses. I am an ARNP in Family Nursing practice. However, my primary role is an educator at a primary preventative level to pervert illnesses.
My research focus will be finding out what are the emotions behind Caribbean American men failures to be screen for detection for Prostate Cancer.
In addition to your references you personally selected for citation.. Please attempt to cite from these text if necessary as they are required as part of the course:
Cody, W. K. (2011). Philosophical and theoretical perspectives for advanced nursing practice (5th ed.).Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett
Crotty, M. (1998). The foundations of social research. Thousand Oakes, CA: Sage.
Kuhn, T. S. (1996). The structure of scientific revolutions (3rd ed.). Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.
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