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Question 1
The use of authentic assessments has become more important when the goal of determining if students can apply what they have learned in real world situations. Authentic assessments can give students more freedom in how they demonstrate what they have learned and can help determine performance levels of students both in P-12 contexts and higher education. In this question, you will respond to the following in relation to P-12 or higher education: How can authentic assessments be designed and used to effectively determine the skills and performance levels of students? In your response, you will use current educational research (traditional and authentic assessment literature, measurement and standards literature, effective teaching and learning literature) and/or the literature on best practices in authentic assessment to discuss the most effective approaches known relative to these issues.
Then, as the instructional leader of your institution, you will develop a training or development program for educators with the anticipated outcome that they will develop the knowledge and capability to design and deliver authentic assessments of student skills and performance levels as a result of this training or development program. A clear and thorough report describing and recommending implementation of the program will be presented to your supervisor and school community. Your report should include the following:
A. A description of assessment approaches that have been identified by recognized educational theorists, leaders, and expert associations relative to effective assessment that could serve as a rationale for recommended change efforts.
B. Identification of individuals or stakeholders who will be involved in such a process and an explanation of their role(s)/involvement in it. Also, identify possible resistance to such a program. How will your team respond to this resistance to reach consensus relative to these issues?
C. A description of the program to be designed to address the primary areas. This should include goals, objectives, resources needed, timeline, and an evaluation procedure.
D. The leadership issues, financial issues, legal issues, ethical issues, implications, and ramifications of implementing such a program.

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