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may use some of these extra information if necessary.
Achievements :-
#Librarian Board 2008-2012
2010-2011 – Head of the day
2012- Head of digital department
2008- achieve Second and First GUP
2011- completed KUKKIWON’s 1st Dan Promotion Test
2010-2011 State player
2009-2010 state player
Clubs in high school :-
2010 Vice secretary of taekwondo club
2012 Maclay Sport House Treasurer
2012 Secretary of Tennis Club
2012 Vice Treasurer of English Literature and Drama (LIDRA) club
Extra activities :
2011 completed a course in Bread and Flour Confectionery
2012 completed a course in Advanced Baking
2014- Community Service in Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
2015- joined Pre-Medical Club and explored my path towards pharmacy via discussions related to human anatomy, drugs and chemicals, effect of drugs on human etc. found myself interested in drugs.
-voluntary programme Tzu Chi, assisted Pharmacists in dispensary.
-voluntary programme in Malaysian Association for The Blind. Help them interpret story books and organising new books

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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