Discussion post #1 (2 points) is due by Wednesday, July 8th, by 11:59 pm EST at the latest.  You will be required to research the frame of reference of two people or organizations that either helped produce the documentary “Half the Sky” or who appear in that documentary.  You will not receive credit if you do not include citations for your sources (which should include web addresses, that is, URL’s, despite the fact that MLA style no longer includes them).

WHAT IS THE FRAME OF REFERENCE?  The frame of reference includes the background information on this person and/or organization, including such information as nationality, residence, occupation, education, languages spoken, organizational affiliations, and any other information on that person which might influence or inform (not necessarily determine) their outlook or world view and which might let us know what type of experience or knowledge they bring to bear on the documentary.  For organizations, the background information would include the type of organization (profit/non-profit, advocacy, etc.), its mission statement, its funding, and what it might produce (including periodicals or publications or movies, etc).

FORMAT OF POST #1 (2 points):  Type up this information in several paragraphs (do not use bullet points), and include citations (web addresses must be included).  Do not rely only on Wikipedia, and do not simply cut and paste. Whenever possible, try to find at least 2 sources (or more) for each selection (of the people and organizations) you decide to research.   You should also include some comments as to how the experience, background, or expertise of the people you select is, or is not, relevant  to the film’s content, and/or whether it lends credibility to the film.  Use quotation marks around any direct quotes.  You will receive no credit if you leave out citations.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR POST #1:  Research the frame of reference (which is explained above) of 2 of the following, one of whom should be Somaly Mann, the other which you may select from the rest of the list:

1) Nicholas Kristoff, Sheryl WuDunn and the Half the Sky Movement (not the Half the Sky Foundation):  The actresses who appear in the movie are also discussed on the Half the Sky Movement website.  This counts as one selection.

2)  Maro Chermayeff (executive producer of this movie)

3) IRC (International Rescue Committee)

4) Somaly Mam and Somaly Mam Foundation (including the controversy that surrounded her).  THIS ONE IS REQUIRED.  BE SURE TO INCLUDE SOME RESEARCH OF THE CONTROVERSY THAT SURROUNDED HER.

5) Zainab Salbo and Women for Women International.  (This counts as one selection.)

6) Michelle Bachelet and UN Women (United Nations Women)   (This counts as one selection.)

7) Melanne Veveer and any organizations with which she is associated  (This counts as one selection.)

8) Susan Sarandon

9) Gloria Steinem

10) Nancy Birdsall and the Center for Global Development  (This counts as one selection.)

11)  Helene Gayle and Care USA (or Care International)  (This counts as one selection.)

12)  John Wood and “Room to Read” (This counts as one selection.)

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