Philosophy of Inclusive Education within the Context of Relevant Legislation, Teaching Standards, and Published Literature.

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To complete this essay, you will need to answer the following main question: What does inclusive education mean for teachers in 2013 and beyond?
Your essay should define inclusive education and justify your own philosophy of inclusive education within the context of relevant legislation, teaching standards, and published literature.
You should support your argument with discussion of the diverse needs of students with a focus on one or two populations of students (such as groups identified in the “Facts about…? sections of the required text).
Ashman, A., & Elkins, J. (2011). Education for inclusion and diversity (4th ed.). Frenchs
Forest, NSW: Pearson Education Australia.
The use of headings is optional. However, your essay should follow a logical structure, including an introduction, a body, a conclusion, and a list of references.
You are permitted to write from either the first or third person perspective. Your own personal views are welcomed, but it will be essential to refer to the literature (books, journal articles, and reliable websites) throughout your essay to justify and provide a context for your own personal beliefs or experiences.
Evaluate legislation, policy, principles and professional teacher standards that relate to inclusive education – Provided a an up-to-date and thoughtful analysis of policy documents and teacher standards relevant to inclusive education.
Identify and explain the diversity of students needs and abilities
Articulate and justify a philosophy of inclusive education – An up-to-date and thorough appraisal of the diverse educational needs of students is provided
Articulate and justify a philosophy of inclusive education – An insightful and well justified philosophy of inclusive education is articulated which is consistent with the relevant issues described

Present an argument in written essay format with in-text and reference list according to the APA style (6th Edition)- The overall presentation is very good: a wide range of relevant literature, including recently published material, is synthesised and very well referenced, with minimal typographical errors, and very well communicated

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