Physical abuse related to alzheimer’s disease patient living with family in home care settings.

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Written Portion of the Research Proposal
The key is to follow this organizational format for the paper portion of the paper:
Title: This needs to be concise and descriptive.

Abstract: A brief summary of the ENTIRE proposal, usually at least 150 words. It is easier to complete this once your paper is completed. (refer to the handout “how to write a research proposal” provided to you during week 1).

Background and Rationale:
This is your noting that the problem has yet to be addressed or the evidence you found. In other words this statement is why you think that this is important. Examples could be lack of evidence, new questions; this is backed by pertinent literature. This should be referenced APA style.

Purpose of the Study:
You clearly identify your goals that you want to reach from this study. Also, how will it change our nursing practice?

Research Question/Hypothesis:
This is your PICOT question with your hypothesis here (what you think you will find or identify during the study).

Theoretical Framework:
In this area previous literature to support the lack of information or support your theory.

Literature Review:
This provides the background for the research problem and illustrates to the reader that the researcher is knowledgeable about the scope of theory. This area summarizes previous research and needs to be APA style referenced.

Methodology (Study design and Methods):
Study design, settings, subjects, and randomization methods, methods of assessment or measurement, outcome objectives (your goal), interventions if any.
This contains detailed information regarding your study population and rationale of why they were chosen.

Describe the methods for choosing the research subjects including inclusion and exclusion criteria. State your sample size and which type of study (prospective or retrospective).
Any tools or questionnaires that you will use with each instrument should be discussed in separate subheadings.
Explain how and what, how you will collect the data, what it is, and how to analyze it.
Explain why you chose the data collection method.
Provide time frame for study.

Ethical considerations:
Questions like informed consent or what ethical guidelines your study will follow.

Protection of Human Rights:
Describe the efforts that you chose to protect rights, freedom to voluntarily participate or withdraw at any time. Explain confidentiality of study.

Dissemination of Information or Findings:
How are you going to share the findings of this study and why? Are their barriers?

Reference Page:
Follow APA guidelines, this text is recommended for the course.

Follow trhe college student handbook for guidelines, policies, and procedures regarding Academic Integrity, academic dishonesty, and plagiarizing concepts, ideas, papers, thoughts, publications, etc.
Papers and Projects which fail to properly reference will be counted as a 0 for the project and will face College disciplinary board.
Avoid the following potential criticisms:
Not an original idea Problem is not important Writing is vague
Rationale is weak Proposal is unfocused Project is too large with uncertain outcomes

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