Planning Proposal and Work Outline for Authentic Assessment

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You will write a document requesting permission to conduct research in support
of your topic choice for the formal research-based persuasive report,
assignment 5.
Project 3: Planning Proposal and Work Outline for Authentic Assessment (10%)
The topic you choose for Project 3 is the topic you will use for your final
Project 5, the Authentic Assessment. The Authentic Assessment project should
focus on a business writing or communication problem you have identified in
your workplace and for which you will provide a solution or solutions. Project
3 will help you plan your authentic assessment. The deliverable for Project 3
requires two parts:
(1) Write a work plan for your proposed project using the "Sample Work Plan for
a Formal Study" found on page 303 of the Reserved Reading "Planning Long
Reports." (Use the outline format shown on page 303. This document is available
under "Course Content") See also model responses
provided from previous students.
(2) Compile an annotated bibliography for your topic in APA format. Your
bibliography should include at least six sources, which can be both primary and
secondary sources. See the description of the Authentic Assessment as you plan
this assignment.
Details: Submit assignment as a Microsoft Word document or equivalent.

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