please incorporate these templates where they fit. Templates for comparison: Along the same lines, In the Researched Argument

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same way,Likewise, Similarly.Templates for conclusion: As a result, Therefore, Hence, In conclusion, To summarize, In sum up, therefore, Thus. Templates for cause and effect:Accordingly, As a result, Consequently, Since, Therefore, So. Verbs for expressing agreement: Reaffirm, Verify, Support. Verbs for making recommendations: Recommend,Encourage, Call for, Implore, Warn, Urge. Vrebs for expressing agreement: Admire, Endorse, Acknowledge, Admire. Verbs for making a claim: Argue, Assert, Believe, Claim, Suggest, Report, Remind us, Believe, Observe. templates for introducing what they say: It has become common today to dismiss—. Templates for entering the conversation:I argue that—-, This is not to say that—, Showing that—-, According to this view. Please make sure to cite your works, this is a critical essay for me, please write this paper with expertise, my life depend on the perfection of this paper.

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