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The poem titled The Accountants’ Task is composed of 14 quatrains, each of which relates to a part of the accounting cycle. You are to submit your written interpretation of what each quatrain of the poem says about the cycle. You must provide your interpretation in the attached 2 column format.
The accounting cycle is presented in the Gibson textbook. This assignment is a review of the accounting cycle studied in your Principles of Accounting and Intermediate Accounting courses. I suggest that you reference one of your undergraduate textbooks regarding the detailed steps involved in the accounting cycle. You will also need to do some additional research: for instance who was Pacioli and what do the accounting words/terms such as foot, cross foot, and tick mean?
As graduate students in accounting, you must have an in depth understanding of ever aspect of the accounting cycle. This is a must know for all of you – similar to knowing the normal balances of accounts. Therefore, I expect all of you to give this assignment an extra effort and produce a more than just adequate interpretation.
You will be graded on content, how well your interpretation is written, the adequacy of your referencing (when in doubt, cite), the amount and quality of your research, and the overall quality of your submission. This Individual Project is worth 150 points (the same number of points available for the two Group Projects). Once this assignment is graded, you will be asked to complete a survey giving me your feedback regarding the assignment – a few extra points will be given for completing the survey.
You should treat this Project as if it were a term paper. I expect to see at least 5 references in addition to that of your textbook (a minimum of 6 references). Please be sure to completely explain each of the words or phrases that are highlighted in yellow!
APA referencing and citations are required!

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