Point of Care Patient Testing (POCT)

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Point of Care Patient Testing (POCT)
Assignment 1
Literature Review
Review the relevant scientific and medical literature and provide a project essay describing the Comparative performance of POCT and central laboratory testing.
Include in your assessment (or use these items as headings to assist with planning and lay-out of your review):
> Reasons why the performance of POCT is often considered not as reliable as central laboratory testing
> Possible performance issues with some forms of POCT technology and its fitness for purpose
> Problems with direct comparison of POCT and central laboratory results
> Possible reasons for discrepancies between POCT and central laboratory results
> Skill requirements for POCT personnel
> Sample quality and POCT performance
> Performance assessment, quality control and proficiency testing issues for POCT
> Measurement uncertainty for POCT and central laboratory results, and the impact on result interpretation
> Procedures by which improved performance of POCT can be achieved
Requirements for the essay:
Structure: The first page of your assignment must have the completed student declaration embedded. Your essay must have a title page with the essay topic followed by your name.
Word limit: 1500 words
Referencing: Vancouver style
Submission: Turnitin must be used for assignment submission.
Marks: 15% of course

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