police statics complete 4

police statics complete 4

Project description
On pages 114-118 of the text, you will find the results of an analysis for four variables, HOME, ARREST, TENURE, and SIBLINGS. These results are the basis for the following questions.

1.For each of the four variables listed above, identify the level of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio) for each and explain how you reached this conclusion.(minimum of 100 words)
2.For each of the four variables, based on the level of the measurement you identified, what is the appropriate measure of central tendency (mean, median, or mode) for each? Lastly, provide the actual value of the measures of central tendency that you identified for each.
(minimum of 100 words)
3.Based on the data, what do these results tell you about gang members?(minimum of 50 words)

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