Policy and Politics in the Courtroom

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This is a policy paper. There is 3 chapters that must be done in sections.Please read additional instructions and uploaded files. This is very important. Please read everything that I send you before beginning. NO Plagiarism whatsoever.
I have included an example of a policy paper provided by the professor to use as a format. The paper does not have to be as long just so it is a good paper that can answer the ‘outline for criminal justice policy paper’ that has been provided to you. The main thing is go by that outline for content of the paper and follow the example paper as a format to write the paper.
A minimum of 15 pages, APA format, double spaced, minimum of 12 resources but can be more.
— If this topic does not work well for a policy paper we can choose something different but it has to be something that is related to a badly bent and broken criminal justice system that in turn effects a large majority of people. If you choose something different i must know what it is first before beginning.

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