Policy brief to reduce long health care wait times in Canada

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Topic: Policy brief to reduce long health care wait times in Canada
I will attach the sample policy brief on other topic which will give you an idea of the expectations and what I am looking for in my brief.
Maximum of 1500 words, double-spaced, excluding the title page, , and tables and figures (if any, and which should be attached as Appendices). The Brief must be in Times New Roman font size 12.
Define the problem (Focus on specific objectives that you want to achieve. For eg they focused on 2 objectives for their brief in sample paper) This must be stated very clearly and specifically. Write it clearly enough so that when someone reads this Brief and comes to the conclusions section, (s)he can see that the Brief has very specifically addressed this problem. You must also state specifically who the relevant decision-maker is. The reader has to be convinced that the decision maker you specify is actually in a position to act on the conclusion or recommendation. (so for this section define the problem and then at the end of it focus on specific aspect as shown in the sample paper)

Review evidence/information related to the problem Two types of evidence/information are relevant to this Policy Brief. First, the evidence that leads you to conclude that the topic of your Brief is indeed an issue, and second, information about approaches that might have been or may be tried to address this issue. For both, clearly state how you went about getting information, and describe the sources used e.g., bibliographic databases, internet sites, etc.). Explain your rationale for selecting whatever sources you did. Make sure that you synthesize the information that you extract, i.e., do not simply repeat the results you might find in individual papers/reports/communications. The reader must be convinced that you have covered the waterfront for information relevant to the problem. S(he) must also be convinced that the information you reviewed did in fact aim at the specific problem you defined at the outset.

Identify possible ways to address the problem These must come from your review of approaches tried or suggested. In other words, does the evidence presented earlier actually lead a reasonable person to agree that these are potential solutions?

Make a recommendation, explaining your choice. This recommendation must clearly be aimed at the problem defined earlier. It must follow logically from your review and synthesis of existing or suggested approaches to addressing the issue. You must select the option that you consider to be the most promising one. If you are convinced that none of the solutions you found actually would work in the present situation, you may propose something different, but would need to present a rationale.

References: You are free to use any accepted format for references and for citing references in text. If you use numbers for references in the text, they should appear in numerical order in the text. If you cite references by author(s), the list of references must be alphabetical by the name of the first author. If you have any questions about references, please contact the instructor or the teaching associates.
In all of this, keep in mind that someone in a decision making position is going to read this, and needs to be convinced that the decision (s)he makes on the basis of this brief is entirely defensible.
Problem definition 20%
Review of evidence 25%
Identify potential solutions 25%
Select and justify option 20%
Format, writing, references 10%
TOTAL 100%
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