Policy Essay

Prepare a term paper pertaining to any policy issue from either the American Government and Politics Today book or the California State and Local Government – An Overview, Perspectives, and Politics book; or another government public policy issue and present competing arguments (pros/cons), as well as your own opinions and conclusions regarding the issue. You can focus on any policy issue in the book; such as a court ruling, eminent domain abuse or the general concept of eminent domain (the taking of private property for public use or benefit), livable community issues (such as high density housing, mixed land-use, walkable communities, providing transportation choices/alternatives, etc.), general plans (provides policy and strategies for future city/county growth/development…every California city and county has a general plan), or other policy issues within the books. 2. The paper is to be submitted as an online class assignment and include a title with your name, have a minimum of 1,500 words (this would be approximately three pages if single spaced), and include a minimum of two references.

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