policy related to state and local government

Policy Paper Format I. Introduction a. This should include a clear explanation of the problem II. Background of the Problem a. How long has this been a problem? b. How did it become a problem? III. Current Status of the Problem a. What are we currently doing? b. How well it is working? IV. Importance of the Problem a. Why is the problem important and to whom is it important? b. When possible at least part of the problem should be delineated using numbers i.e. percentage of people affected or the dollar cost to the public. c. This is an appropriate place to synthesize values such as civic responsibility and/or a Christian perspective. V. Major Stakeholders a. Who are the persons most likely to support or fight your policy recommendation? Why? b. Who are the persons most likely to benefit or lose if your policy recommendation is implemented? VI. Potential Solutions to the Problem a. You should try to come up with three policy alternatives. One of the alternatives might be maintaining the status quo. b. Discuss the pros and cons of each policy option c. Identify the political, economic, and other implications for each option. d. Compare and contrast each alternative to the other alternatives. VII. Recommendation a. Choose one of your alternatives (see above) as your recommendation. Be specific about why this alternative is the best from your perspective. You might look at other states or entities where this policy has been implemented and give their experience as your rationale. VIII. Reference List a. You will need a list of at least ten references for this paper. This includes books, newspapers, journal articles, etc.

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