Political Violence Case analysis

Terrorist Group/Case Analysis
For this assignment, you are examining the terrorist group Boko Haram (a type of group that employs terrorist tactics as a primary tool) and linking the foundational group traits to a specific event or closely linked series of events (campaign).Focus on the attributes and dynamics of the group at the level of its development at the time of the event selected. Briefly describe the context of the group and event, briefly describe the analytical framework that you will apply (one of the analytical frameworks introduced in the class or another analytical framework of your choice), and then develop the group and case with the focus on the key elements of that framework. Draw conclusions on the case and on the utility of your analytical framework in this case. The emphasis should be on analysis as opposed to simply a description of the group and event. Get beyond the “what” to the “why” and “so what.” The paper should be 6-8 pages and include references

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