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Essay about healthy lives healthy people white paper.

Assessment guidelines for Politics of health

Within this assignment you need to:
1. Explore the meaning of Policy in relation to this assignment.
Present a definition of policy and discussion of the meaning of policy in the context of the health.

“Numerous definitions in the literature, many of which emphasise two aspects: ‘decision’ and ‘action’. Policy is not necessarily expressed as a single decision, or in a single document, but is often represented in a collection of decisions that relate to previous and existing policies (Hill 2005).Walt (1994) highlights, policy should be seen as something that governments say they will do, what they actually do, and what they decide not to do.”

2. Explore the political ideology underpinning the policy i.e. was it influenced by conservative, labour or liberal democrats.
E.g. was in influenced by liberalism, socialism, neoliberalism etc. including some evidence of what are some of the key elements in the policy document that indicates to you that this was from a particular ideological perspective.

3. What is the likelihood of the impact on your chosen client group i.e. population/ patient /clients. “Likelihood” is used as the policy is relatively new and it effects may not be fully borne out in all areas of practice.

A clear identification of the chosen client group( service users with all related mental health needs Eg: personality disorder, alcohol drugs and related physical problems as consequence.

4. Undertake a critical analysis of the impact of the policy on the health of the identified group/groups including how this policy is viewed by other groups and interest groups. For example how the policy document is viewed by academic commentators.

5. In conclusion, consider the implications this will have on your chosen client group/groups.

E.g. On nursing practice and/or patient outcomes.


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