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Assignment Instructions:
– I have completed a human resources internship at a software development firm. This assignment is a post placement report which is to be written.
– I will attach a document named ‘post-placement report instruction sheet’. This is a sheet which includes every detail on which this report is to be written. Every single point in this document needs to be addressed. If unsure about any question please contact me immediately and I will provide as much information as possible.
– Please do not leave any question out.
– This unit contains three assignments. One is a pre-placement assignment and the second one is a reflective journal. I have attached these two assignments please read them as it will be helpful is writing the report. The reflective journal will include my day to day tasks and thoughts on what happened during my placement.
– Also the report needs an organisational chart which also must include reporting lines. The key staff of the organisation is within the reflective journal and the writer must include my name in the organisational chart. Also every staff member reports to the CEO.
– Need references on analysis of the organisation and wherever the writer thinks necessary. As I am unsure about the number of references that would be needed I have put 10 as a rough indication, feel free to go over that limit if necessary

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