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We had a role play exercise in marketing course about Frack-it as an organization and a community in a small village”Aberdeen”. Please check the attached background file to get a full idea about this assignment. Also, please check the references as you will need them for writing the second part of the assignment. After the role play exercise, I have got the assignment as shown in the attached name” Case study “ in order to develop a poster along with explanation for the poster.
Since I have been for the second assignment, I would like you to choose assignment 2.
Please note that you will need to provide some fact and figures such as the company has 0 accidents and has a good technology in disposing the waste in terms of protection environment, something as evidences so you will need to do some deep research about the Fracking organization and Aberdeen . Remember this assignment is more about pitching and to convince the stakeholders . With regard to the references, please check the attached file as you will need to do some research about Fracking Company. The poster will need to be very creative and has images.
I have put only map but I am not sure what does it mean. What I need is only one poster so in case there is a need for more maps, please let me know

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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