Power, Leadership and Influence at Harpo Company

Sample Essay
Creation of Harpo with Oprah Winfrey at the helm of the company is a unique case study in the communication and entertainment industry. The appeal exuded by Winfrey has increased popularity of the company to the masses, with Oprah gaining the power of influence. Consequently, this has led to various request for her to chair boards, but these offers have been rejected which has surprisingly elevated her status even more. With the company’s headquarters in Chicago Illinois, Winfrey has great influence on the company’s operations as the head of the organization. The over reliance on the power, appeal and influence of one person in making decisions is potentially harmful to the longevity and sustainability of the company. Potential dangers of a single super powerful person Power connotes that an individual has ability to influence the behavior and actions of other people. Placing too much power in the hands of one person presents many dangers in an organization

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