Practical Policy – Research Analysis and Recommendations

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Each student will be required to present a study that analyses the problems and best solutions associated with the practical application of a particular policy, issue or problem. It might concentrate on a problem-solving solution, or an approach, to a problem or event. The analysis will take the form of a report and recommendations. It will include appropriate clarification of the conceptual/normative issues involved. It will involve primary research. The report should be approximately 3,000
The study must be in report format, typed and be approximately 3.000 words long. The report should be regarded as a simulation or role-playing exercise. Imagine that you’re producing this document for a political party, company, lobby group, think-tank, NGO or single-issue campaign. Make it as realistic and persuasive as possible.
N.B. The Practical Policy Report is not an essay or seminar report. You should avoid writing this report in a strictly academic style. Footnotes are only needed when they required to give credibility to quotations and/or facts in the text. You should mimic the look and feel of the organisation’s publications for whom your report is supposedly written. If you setting up a mock campaign, then you should imitate the publications of similar political groups. You are allowed to make unsupported assertions and wild claims when necessary. The layout and graphic design should complement the style of the text. You will be marked according to your success in imitating the real thing! There are examples of the best projects from previous classes in this module’s Study Material section on Blackboard. Please consult with the module leader if you have any queries about how to apply these guidance notes.
The report must include the following sections:
• Title page.
• Introduction
• Aims
• Background/context
• Analysis (and sub-sections)
• Conclusions and recommendations
• Bibliography

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