Prevention of molds growth on bakery products through different agents

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1. Preservatives for prevention of mold growth.
2.Lactic acid bacteria for prevention of mold growth.
3.Essential oils for prevention of mold growth.
4. Modified atmosphere for prevention of mold growth.
5. other factors that act like inhibitors for mold growth such as honey , salt and sugar for prevention of mold growth..
I want you to find researches or experiments that took place and mention their results or put pictures of the results you can find.
Each of the above categories that I mentioned before should have 3 to 4 researches in order to be scientifically accepted.
In the discussion part I want for each category of the above to make comparisons between the different results you will find. I would like comparison of all the methods have been applied and which is the most efficient one to control the mould growth on bakery products.

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