Principles of Psychomarmacology

Please answer these questions using journal or books that date no later than 2010.  Must include reference list.  Must be 4-5 pages.


Principles of Psychopharmacology

  • Drug Receptor Interaction- Discuss how antidepressant medication such as TCI’s and SSRI’s act on the receptors of neurotransmitters
  • Dose Response Relationships – Discuss how medication adjustments (SSRI’s and TCI’s) in doses affect the responses of neurotransmitters and apply these principles to the clinical diagnosis of depression.
  • seratonin, norephrinephrine, dopamine- discuss these and how medication affects these receptors & How dosage affects the processing of these medications.
  • Neuropsychological-Looking at physiological signs of depression, discuss whathappens in the brain as far as we know when depression occurs.
  • Pathophysiology- Discuss how medication is processed and how it affects neurotransmitters. Â
  • Current Pharmcology & Pharmakokinetics & Pharmacodynamics-Discuss how the body acts upon a medication and discuss how medication acts upon the body.

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