Product life cycle analysis (PLCA) of natural bast fiber and glass fiber for use in composite reinforcement

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Description of my topic:
This project aims at investigating the environmental benefits of natural bast fibres (hemp, flax and jute) aginst conventional glass fibre by means of product life cycle analysis (PLCA).
The thing I need is to write or explain each table in CHAPTER 4,There are 3 tables every table shows in their graphs. all tables are previews research by some people and I\’ve to write what their results using the tables and the graphs.
after finish the results you need write summery for each table as points as showing in the attachment file .
I\’ve attached my work ,and you need to carry on just on chapter four and its showing what the process you have to write.
Also,I\’ve attached the PDF files which the sources where I got the previews research done. (please don\’t copy and paste)the result you need to write your one word and what you understand from this 2 files.
Each table must be around 250 words.

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