Profile of a Liverpool building – Brief

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As part of developing your understanding of how places function this task requires that you consider the existing built environment. Rarely are planning professionals able to plan an entirely new settlement or neighbourhood and one of the challenges for planners is understanding the history of the place in which you are developing your plan. In this task you are expected to learn about the current built environment by focusing on a specific building in Liverpool and researching its history.
You should sign-up using the Wiki provided to focus on a specific building in the Liverpool area, all not far from the city center and University campus. You should certainly arrange to visit the building and experience the surroundings, and if possible/appropriate also experience the internal space. It is suggested that you use this opportunity to take photographs from different vantage points which can be used in your profile.
You are asked to write a 500 word (excluding references) profile which introduces the history of your building and discusses the role it has played in the community it is situated in. You should also think about whether the surroundings of the building have changed and what function the building currently plays.
The following points are provided as a guide to help you produce your building profile.
 Current and previous building name
 Date constructed
 Street address
 Architect or builder
 Original, previous and current uses
 Interesting/main features of the building
 Description of immediate surroundings
 Building orientation and layout on site
 Building materials
Discussion of the significance of the building and its relationship with the area it is in and the city of Liverpool.
This task is worth 10% of the total module mark

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