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1. Companies that give part of a procurement contract to multiple suppliers do so to:
A) Promote and maintain competition
B) Reduce reliance on dust one supplier
C) Minimize procurement risks
D) All of the above
2. Which of the following is generally not included in a solicitation package?
A) Listing of qualified vendors
B) Past bidding history of qualified vendors
C) How changes will be managed
D) Supplier payment plan
3. In which of the following would the price of a possible contract not be included?
A) Request for information (RFI)
B) Request for quotation (RFQ)
C) Request for proposal (RFP)
D) Invitation for bids (IFB)
4. “Hygiene Factors” refers to:
A) How a contractor should respond to an RFP
B) The type of proposal expected by the seller
C) How and where contract negotiations will take place
D) How many bidder conferences will be held
5. Which of the following is generally not part of “Conducting the Procurements”?
A) Perform a make-or-buy analysis
B) Confirm qualified sources
C) Review past performance of sources
D) Produce a solicitation package

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