Project Management

Week 8 DQ 1

“Being an Effective Project Manager” Please respond to the following:

Ø  The PMBOK identifies some general management skills of project managers, including skills on communication, organization and planning, budgeting, conflict management, negotiation and influencing, leadership, and team building and motivation. Give your opinion as to why it is important for a project manager to build relationships before they are needed for project success. Provide an example to support your response.

Ø  Take a position on whether project managers are generalists or specialists. Justify your response with at least one example.


Week 8 DQ 2

“Ethical Project Management” Please respond to the following:

Ø  From the first e-Activity, in the role of a project manager for a midsized company, suggest three to five ways you would communicate the PMI Code of Ethics to your project team during your weekly status meetings.


Ø  From the second e-Activity, determine at least four leadership skills that would enhance your team effectiveness. Provide a rationale to support your response.

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