Project ;Service Business Strategic Briefing Assignment on a Restaurant Industry Business


Service Business Strategic Briefing Assignment on a Restaurant Industry Business

  • Visit an assigned Service Industry Business (In person or Online as appropriate)
  • Provide the service provider’s location, day, date and time you visited.
  • Provide a description of your past experience with the service provider
  • Present the Service Business’ Strategy and Perspective
  • Describe and evaluate the service delivery process executed and demonstrated by the business, specifically addressing:
    • Service Environment
    • Service Quality
    • Service Customer Relationship Perspective
    • Service Product, Price and Promotion Executions
    • Service Recovery Process
  • Describe/profile the service business’ customers.
  • Identify and describe the service providers competitors and their competitive position
  • Provide a Specific and Detailed Assessment of the visited service providers service execution and competitive situation relative to course learnings. In addition, what do you recommend as changes or enhancements to the service providers business, business operations or business perspective?

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