Prophet Yield Part Two Essay

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Report part 2: final report
This follow up is to observe how the yield predictions have changed over time in response to rainfall, and to look briefly at how much and when the crop has been stressed. Ideally this would be done after grain fill or at harvest, but the trimester is a little too short for this.
For your initial scenario/soil set up with your recommended N rates from Q3.
7. What are the yield estimates for this crop now? Comment on what has influenced the yield estimate, and include comments on what has stressed the crop, and when this has happened.
8. Review your nitrogen rate decision from Questions 3 – is this rate still a profitable decision, given the rainfall which has occurred? If you had made this recommendation to a grower, what would you be saying if they were attacking your decision (if it is still a good decision, well done, but outline your response had it been a very dry finish, or very wet finish).
1- Use related graphs in each answer from reports
2- Answer the quest correctly with enough information
3- I will attached the answer of first part to have good Idea.
4- there are no references needed

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