Providers and Administrators barriers to HPV vaccination in Rural North Central georgia populations

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Format specified below and should include the following components (in this order):
1. Title page (1pg.)
2. Abstract (limit 1 single-spaced page). Include the purpose, specific aims, hypotheses, design, sample,
Measures, and methods. See the structured abstracts of research articles from a journal academic article (literature reviews) as
Guides to what I’m looking for.
3. Research Plan:
a. Specific Aims: List the broad, long-term objective, and purpose of the study. Concisely describe what
Your research will accomplish and any hypotheses to be tested. (1pg.)
b. Background & Significance: Describe and critically evaluate existing knowledge on your topic. Identify
Gaps your research will fill. Describe the importance of the study for public health. (No more than 3pages)
d. Design & Methods: Provide an overview of the research design, sample and setting, measures, methods,
Planned statistical analyses, justification of the sample size, new methodology/advantages over exiting
Methodology, potential difficulties and limitations, as well as study strengths. (No more than 5 pages)
e. Protection of Human Subjects: (if the study includes human subjects, explain how the rights of your
Subjects will be protected). The total proposal (parts 1-3) may not exceed 15 single-spaced pages. Your bibliography may not exceed 4 Pages.
Therefore, you should cite only those studies that are essential to your proposed investigation.
Please talk to me if you would like to write a complete research paper (rather than proposal).
Criteria for Grading the Research Proposal:
1. Abstract – Does the abstract provide a concise summary of the problem, what is to be done, how it will
Be done (general design & methods), and what outcome measures will be used for comparison/study?
2. Aims & Objectives – Are they well-articulated (e.g., using nominal and operational definitions) and
Referred to throughout the proposal?
3. Background & Significance – Is the reader convinced that this study is important and are important
Areas of the literature reviewed?
4. Methods – Are the sources of data clearly defined? Are important measures explained? How reliable are
They? Are statistical methods/tests defined? Do methods relate to specific aims?
5. Layout/format/spelling – Are there subheadings, bolded text, and underlined text? Can the
Reader/reviewer skim through the proposal and understand the project and how it is to be conducted? Are
There errors of grammar & spellings?

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