Psychological effects on the ICU/Critical Care Patient

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Topic: Psychological effects on the ICU/Critical Care Patient
Write a 5 page paper based on the current literature of the topic. Identify and critically examine/analyze how this issue affected the care of your patient, your nursing practice and/ or your department(ICU).
Paper should include:
1. An introduction to the topic, with a clear statement of purpose and scope for the poster
2. Provide a brief overview of the issue
3. A review of the current literature on the topic, identifying the main themes in the literature and relating these to your issue
4. A discussion of:
Strategies used to deal with the issue
An evaluation of the strategies versus those suggested in the literature
The recommendations, based on current practice in the clinical area, the literature, local policy and procedure and nursing associations.
Include a complete reference list for paper
1. APA format must be followed
2. Typed, double spaced, 5 pages, not including cover and reference pages
3. A minimum of 5 article related to your topic using current nursing journals (Within the last 5 years) and reliable websites should be cited and referenced in your paper.
Grading Criteria for the Paper
1. The purpose and issue are clearly identified. (2 marks)
2. The importance of the topic, in relation to nursing, the patient or the workplace was discussed, along with a brief background of current practice. (3 marks)
3. The evidence from the nursing literature to support practice or to suggest change was identified, analyzed and linked to current clinical practice. (4 marks)
4. Position statement/Policy from a Nursing Association included to support recommendations. (2 marks) (Locate any relevant policy statement from specialist association (Critical care nurses association, Canada nurses association, or RNAO)
5. Relevance to nursing practice, limitations to the studies (if any) and clear recommendations for your workplace setting were identified, based on the findings. (3 marks)
6. Limited number of typos, consistent referencing, and quality of the referencing and use of APA format. (1 marks)

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