Public Health Initiative

Part 1A: Public Health Initiative Approval


Submit the public health initiative you selected to be the focus of your Scholar-Practitioner Project. Include a brief overview of the initiative and your rationale for selecting the initiative. Assignment Length: 2 pages






For the SPP project you must select an already functioning and funded initiative or program. For example, if you chose a national initiative like Lets Move, please find a local community, health department of school that has implemented the program. Another national initiative is the Healthy Brain Initiative that was created by the Alzheimer’s Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). You need to find a community that has implemented this program. Another example is the WHO/UNICEF Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI). Find a hospital that has implemented the program to work with and write a grant to increase the funding for 5 year or to expand it to another hospital. You may have proposed starting a community garden or starting a community based healthy cooking program. There were immunization program proposals and childhood obesity programs.  These are great ideas and hopefully once you finish your degrees you will write grants to create these types of programs. However, for this SPP you are required to work with an existing program.




It is a good sign if your program has a name, (e.g.  Action for Healthy Kids, Free HIV Testing Initiative for Birmingham,  Pediatric AIDS Chicago Prevention Initiative (PACPI), Brown Primary Care Dental Clinics Oral Health Initiative. Something like the Measles & Rubella Initiative (MRI) in a specific small country or region is also a great SPP for this course and may prove helpful to the agency. I have had student help small local agencies submit grants based on their work in this course.


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