Public Speaking

Type your response using a Times New Roman, 12-point font with one inch margins, doubled spaced. Use an essay form (artistic style with an introduction, body, conclusion) and write for an audience that has no experience with Communication Studies. You might think of a friend who is struggling with communication and write in a style for that friend, with a goal of helping her/him improve the communication. Define terms clearly with both textbook information and personal examples. Limit your writing to three pages. Submit your essay in the assignment folder at the bottom of this screen. Select two speeches or texts from two different public presentations. You can use American Rhetoric’s list of the Top 100 Speeches of the 20th Century ( or feel free to pull in speeches or texts that you find important. Give a link to the texts you select. This first step is intentionally broad. You may work with texts/speeches that you find interesting – lyrics of a song, graffiti, speeches about a topic you find important… Give a brief overview of each speech/text. What is the occasion? Who is the speaker? Why is the speaker making the presentation? What is the setting for the actual presentation? What is the historical or cultural setting for the presentation? Compare and contrast the two speeches/texts. Which was more successful in meeting the needs of the audience/occasion/historical context? Why? Use examples from the speech/text to support your argument. Select a concept from the readings in Modules 5 and 6. This is intentionally broad because of the variety of speeches/texts that are available for analysis. Focus the reader on the arguments in the two speeches/texts. These are questions to help start your thinking – you will not be able to answer all of the questions in a short essay. Select a way to focus your analysis based on the speeches/texts you select and the course concept you are using. What is the primary argument? What is the strategy used to build the argument? What supporting evidence is used to build the argument? How is culture, ethnicity, or gender integrated into the design of the argument? How could culture, ethnicity, or gender have been more carefully integrated into the design of the argument? Compare and contrast which of the two speeches/texts is more successful. Allow your essay to provide advice or guidelines for your reader about how to be successful in building an argument.

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