Section 4: Purpose

The purpose of the research statement should simply be an appropriate response to the Problem Statement — this is the problem . . . the purpose is a reasonable approach to �solve� the problem. It is critical that once the Problem is set, the Purpose must align with the problem.

Required Reading:

Please refer to each Activity for required readings within Activity Resources.

Assignment 5   Purpose Statement

The purpose statement provides the reader with a concise overview of the research project. As such, the researcher must make key decisions about the research before a purpose statement can be written.

Activity Resources

NCU Template Applied Degree CP 2013

Main Task: Writing a Purpose Statement

Based on the Problem Statement you wrote in the Week 4 Activity and the feedback from the Instructor, draft a Purpose Statement. The documents in the NCU Dissertation Center will be helpful in the actual development of this draft. The length and format of this document should conform to the specifications in the NCU Template Applied Degree CP 2013 document.

Note: At this point in the course, the decision for either a quantitative or a qualitative study has not been made; therefore, that component of the Purpose Statement is not expected at this point.

Continue to accumulate 2 to 4 annotations as part of each Activity.

Submit your document in the Course Work area below the Activity screen.

Learning Outcomes: 4, 5

Assignment Outcomes

Develop an annotated bibliography.

Construct a research purpose statement.

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