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Week 2 Defining a Stock Market Index
The purpose of this assignment is to prepare the learning team for upcoming assignments. We will be creating a stock market index, studying its performance, and finally predicting performance over the next year. Stock performance will not at all factor into the grade so don’t worry if you end up picking losers! Also, some spreadsheet calculations will be needed – please do not hesitate to ask for help on the use of Excel formulas.
Find a finance site from which you can obtain information on stocks and stock prices. (finance.yahoo.com, nyse.com and many others)
Choose 8 stocks that your team would like to use to create a stock index.
Prepare as a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes a summary of your index and define a rationale as to why a person would want to invest in this index. (It does not have to be overly serious as some stock analysts use the birdcage method of picking stocks!) In the summary, also discuss the stocks that make up the index, and recent performance from a simple perspective. Also note in the summary the market capitalization for the stock which is a measure of the perceived worth of the company.

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