Quantitative Social Research Methods

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does the food related lifestyle model predict healthy eating behaviors of international students studying in Australia??
the Dr advised me to understand the steps reading he said read this Callas (2008). Searching the biomedical literature. you cane find it in uploads.
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This will include a critical review of relevant literature leading to a statement about the rationale and need for this research .
The literature review should provide the background information needed to understand your study.
It should highlight the importance/significance of the health problem
? the current state of knowledge
? critical appraisal of key papers
? a theoretical or conceptual frame that may be useful to guide
data collection and/or interpret findings.
? gaps in current knowledge leading logically to the research
question and hypotheses.
The literature review should be concise, and should succinctly summarise and critically review key papers. The review should be well structured so that information is presented logically and coherently. Spelling and grammar should be carefully checked for accuracy.

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