Question about western world

Question about western world

CH 3 North America P122 Thinking Geographically Question 6
what are the distinctive eras of immigration in U.S. history, and how do they compare with those of Canada?

CH 5 Caribbean P222 Thinking Geographically Question 4
What advantages might Caribbean free trade zones retain over their competitors in Southeast and East Asia? What disadvantages might they face?

CH 8 Europe P386 Thinking Geographically Question 2

Investigate the implications of sea level rise from global warming for different parts of Europe, including the Dutch coastline. How might this influence the EU’s policy on control of atmospheric emissions?

Directions: Answer up to three of the following questions. Each is potentially worth 20 points, with a total of 60 extra points possible. Each answer should be approximately ½-1 page in length (typed, 12 pt font, double spaced). You are not guaranteed the full amount of points just for turning in an answer. Minimal effort is rewarded with minimal points.

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