Question Answer HW

Part # A

INSTRUCTIONS: Answer the each section of the following questions with minimum 50-75 words each. Use the links to external sites when appropriate to answer questions.

  1. List and describe the seven phases in the systems development life cycle and determine which phase is most important to an individual developing an app for your favorite mobile device.
  2. Watch the following and answer the questions that follow:
    2. Explain scope creep to your 80 year old grandmother. Use language that she would understand.
    3. Refer to Figure 18.5 in your text. How do those 5 Strategies each help to contain scope creep in project management? Be sure to address all five strategies.
  3. Watch the following and answer the questions that follow:
    2. How have Orbit Micro and UPS partnered to build a collaborative relationship?
    3. What business strategies has Orbit Micro outsourced to UPS in order to help them achieve their business success?

Part # B

INSTRUCTIONS: Answer the following discussion with minimum 500 words.

Chapter 20 is all about the future in technology and business. We have seen everything from QR Codes, RFID chips, tracking devices, mobile apps, and hologram Michael Jackson. Write a short story about what you believe the “next big thing” in technology will be. The story should have a character using the technology that you feel is next to revolutionize the world. The story should include minimum 500 words.

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