Reading Assessments: American Horizons : U.S. History in a Global Context

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Hst109 – FALL 2013 – Response paper # 1
This assignment must be 100% complete (no partially completed papers will be read & will receive a ZERO and student will then need to withdraw from HST109)
Value: 50 points (10 pts /question) and papers must be uploaded in Blackboard
Covers all material (readings, lecture, films) from August 26th through October 9th (which is Chapters 1 – 7 in our book)
Please NUMBER your answers & proofread for spelling & grammar.You are free to use whichever citation format you know best. Just be sure that you DO refer to the book using page numbers (Schaller, 33) and references to lecture can just be my name (Schultz) and references to films can simply be title in film in parenthesis (Founding Fathers, Part One).
1. Compare and contrast how England, France, Spain and the Dutch each dealt with Native peoples in the New World. Include some specific examples for each empire.
2. Explain when & how the African slave trade began in the American colonies and how much and why it had expanded by 1789?
3. Between 1607 and 1776,many events in Europehad dramatic impacts on the American colonists. In your response, choose THREE events/issues in Europe that interested you the most and explain in detail how your selected examples shaped and affected American colonists.
4. You are watching TV one night and you hear/see some pundit on TV saying that the American Revolution was successful & a Constitution written because our “Founders were like-minded individuals who got along well and were able to seamlessly come to agreements without a lot of debate and in-fighting.” How would you challenge the pundit’s statement and correct the pundit’s reasoning & assessment of the Founding Fathers. Use VERY SPECIFIC examples from the book & films to support your case.
5. Choose your favorite “Founding Father” and explain your choice in detail using specific examples/references to the book/films.

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